Creative Learning Workshops

Creative Learning Workshops are to encourage creativity, imagination, teamwork, confidence and knowledge on the chosen topic. Our Creative Learning projects are a perfect platform for kick-starting a topic and unlocking imagination in order to follow up work in the classroom such as story making and creative writing.

Our professional workshop leader acts as both actor and facilitator, taking the pupils on an imagination based journey - actively involving them in the exploration of the subject. 

A facilitator will work with a group of 35 pupils for an hour exploring different drama techniques and exercises. The facilitator can work with up to 4 groups throughout the day, allowing for up to 140 pupils to partake. 

Creative Learning workshops includes the use of some minimal props, costume and music to further engage the children in the session.

The structure of the day can be adapted to your preferences for example, the facilitator can work with 2 groups for 2 hours each rather than 4 groups for 1 hour each. Please talk to one of our School Coordinators to find out which would work best for you.

Creative Learning workshops are designed for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. We have a wide range of curriculum based topics and issued based topics. 

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Our script writer is currently writing some more scripts for Creative Learning Workshops. If there is a topic which you would be interested in that we don't currently offer, please do ask as we might be in the process of writing it!