Animal Magic! (Habitats and the Environment)

KS1 / P1-4
Creative Learning

This KS1 Creative Learning workshop is available for up to 4 groups of 35 pupils for 1 hour each - up to 140 pupils in one day.  

How do Jaguars climb trees? What do Whales eat? Where do Squirrels live? Answers to these questions and many more can be found in our fun, interactive, high-energy, hour-long workshop for KS1 students. A brand new workshop learning where different animals live, how they move, and what they eat.

Led by one of our facilitators, students will explore how different animals move, learn about what they eat and understand the differences between habitats around the world. 

Can serve as an introduction to the animal kingdom, or as a support to existing classroom learning.

So if you want to know how ducks stay dry, book this workshop today!!

More information about Creative Learning Workshops can be seen here or ask one of our School Coordinators. You can call on 01937 832740, fill out an online enquiry form or email us directly on