Play in a Day® FAQs

How many children can take part in a Play in a Day®?

We can work with up to 35 pupils in one workshop. This number is based around usual class sizes and ensures that every participant gets an opportunity to have a speaking role. If you would like us to work with a larger group, please contact the office to discuss suitable titles.

Do we have to choose a play before you arrive?

Some schools book Play in a Day® to support work in the classroom, whilst other schools book it for its pastoral benefits and to build on Speaking and Listening strategies. If you do want a specific theme for the day to tie in with the children's work, please advise our office well in advance of our visit.

If, however, you are less concerned with the subject matter of the play, we suggest you leave it to our Director to choose on the day once they have had an opportunity to meet the group.

Is Play in a Day® suitable for Key Stage 3 & 4?

Yes, Play in a Day® is very popular in secondary schools! Our Anti-Bullying, transition and Internet Safety titles are most popular along with our Shakespeare and History workshops that are often booked to aid GCSE revision.

You don't have a play that ties in with our topic - can you create one specially?

If you would like a title that is not currently on the list, please do contact our office to discuss your requirements and we can create a bespoke project for you!

Do we need to provide any props or costumes?

No, our plays are written in an ensemble style and are designed to be performed without a reliance on props and costumes. The children can be dressed in normal school clothes and trainers for the day's work. Our KS1 Play in a Day® projects are accompanied by music and props, which are provided by Konflux on the day.

How long is the performance?

The performance lasts around 5-10 minutes at the end of the school day. We will be finished by the end of school.

Can we invite parents to watch the final performance?

Yes, we like to give the opportunity for the group to share their work with the whole school community and parents are very welcome too!

Please contact our office to discuss prices.