Paradise Beach

KS1 / P1-4
Creative Learning
Paradise Beach Environment konflux theatre

Paradise Beach is the most beautiful beach in the world. However, the creatures that live on there are unhappy. They don't mind sharing the golden sand or the crystal clear sea with the humans, but these humans are noisy, rude and most of all, messy. But will the Humans see the errors of their ways?

Half Day Devised Project

Paradise Beach is Konflux Theatre in Education's devising project for Year 1, 2 & 3 children. Designed as a 2 hour participatory session led by an experienced theatre practitioner, the workshop invites the children to develop their own play about Paradise Beach and the creatures that live there.

The play is entirely devised by the children using simple play-based techniques that encourage the children to develop the story-line, their characters and improvisation skills. These are then built into a short ensemble style play, which incorporates inventive theatre techniques such as choral speech, stylised movement and mime.

The play's themes include habitats, littering and caring for our environment, but the children largely dictate the content of the play, allowing them creative ownership of the workshop.

The session concludes with a short performance of the children's work to parents or to the rest of the school.

Our technique allows all children to actively participate in the workshop and performance and provides a good introduction to creative story-building through drama.

Session length: 2 hours
Age Range : Years 1, 2 & 3 children
Group Maximum : 35 children per session

Paradise Beach is designed to be booked for a full days visit to your school, on the basis of one class participating in the morning session and one in the afternoon. Paradise Beach can also be booked in combination with any of our Creative Learning Workshops.