Not Guilty, Your Honour! (Crime and Punishment)

KS2 / P5-7
KS3&4 / S1-6
Play In A Day

This Play in a Day is for up to 35 KS2 or 3 pupils. The pupils will work with a facilitator throughout the day and have the opportunity to share a short performance to an audience of their choice at the end of the day.

You thought eating sprouts was a punishment? Or finishing your homework? Well let us take you on a journey through British history to discover how crime and punishment was created, used and evolved throughout different eras.

  • Who decided what crimes should be policed? 
  • Who was policing?
  • What types of punishments existed and what they entailed?
  • How the population dealt and evolved with them

From the Romans to World War 2, follow our characters as they discover the dark side to punishments, and we don’t mean sprouts.....maybe!

We highlight the following era's:

  • Romans
  • Vikings
  • Tudors
  • Victorians

With the option to substitute any of the above for the following, of which your pupils might be studying:

  • Middle Ages (Saxons)
  • Normans
  • Stuart England
  • Georgians

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